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Rebellion, Chapter 15/?

Author: jatnj
Pairing: L/K with child, cast
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: LDYB - but then the rest is pretty much AU
Synopsis: LIfe on New Caprica is interrupted by a Cylon invasion and no one escapes unscathed.

Disclaimer: Ron owns them. We play with them. He gets money. We don't.

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Rebellion, Chapter 15

A baby’s cry woke Kara.  Or at least that’s what she thought.  Sick bay was quiet now.  Then a giggle made its way across the room. 

Kara smiled, thankful that if her daughter had to wake her up in the middle of the night, it was because she was happy.

She ignored the slippers at the side of her bed and padded barefoot across sick bay.  Before she peered around the curtain that divided her daughter’s crib from the next, she could see the silhouette of a person next to it.  At first she thought it might be Doctor Cottle or one of the nurses, but as she got a better view, she could see bare legs under a hospital robe.  A little closer and she could see short dark hair and broad shoulders.

Lee Adama. 

She fought the urge to angrily chase him away - after all, he was a murderer.  But then she remembered that picture she had found in the box Karl had given her, and she decided to watch instead as Lee interacted with her daughter.  She couldn’t hear what Lee was saying. He was keeping his voice low as to not disturb the other patients, but she could hear Thea loud and clear.  She kept calling Lee “Dee,” which was Thea-speak for “daddy.”  Again she pushed away the anger and let her curiosity take over.   Thea couldn’t possibly mistake him for Leoben.  Leoben was tall and blonde.  Lee was neither.  And now that she was thinking about it, she couldn’t recall Thea ever calling Leoben “Dee.”

Lee was certainly very loving towards Thea and she seemed to adore him.   Kara felt her heart twist when her little girl threw her short, chubby arms around his neck. 

Lee put Thea back in her crib and kissed her good night  and Kara watched as Lee twirled his finger through the air and then brought it back down to tickle Thea’s belly.  Thea’s favorite game, that Kara herself had only just learned before they came here.  How could he possibly know about that?


Lee turned just in time to see Kara grab the curtain as the blood drained from her face.  He managed to grab her in his arms just as her legs went out from under her, but she recovered quickly and pushed herself away from him, then turned and ran without a word.

Lee began after her, but realized he was still tethered to the IV.  He pulled it from his arm and followed her.  When he reached her, she was sitting on the bed with her knees drawn up to her chest and she was crying.

“Kara, I’m sorry.” He said with a mild panic.  “I didn’t hurt her.  I would never..”

“I know.”  Kara said cutting him off.   “I don’t know why I know, but I know.” 

Lee opened his mouth to speak, but she held up a hand to cut him off.  She looked at him, her eyes bright with tears.  “Who are you?  No. Don’t answer.”  She said when he tried to speak again.  “I know who you are.  It’s just that…I…I want to hate you.  I should hate you, right?  You killed my husband.   Every nerve in my body tells me to hate you.  But Thea….it’s like she knows you.  Loves you.   And that…thing.”  Kara twirled her finger in the air in imitation of Lee’s game.  “How did you know about that?”

“I..” Lee started, but Kara held up her hand again.

“Don’t speak.”  She commanded.  “Just go.  Please.”


“Please.” She begged.

Lee nodded.  “I’m sorry.”

Kara saw the hurt in his eyes as he left and, she didn’t know why, but she hated herself for putting it there.  She curled up on her side and cried herself to sleep.

And she dreamed that old dream of the man with the blue eyes.


“You’ve been moody ever since you left sick bay last week.”   Helo accused over his mug of coffee.  “What happened?”

Kara shook her head.  “Nothing.”

Helo leaned back in his chair.  “I know you don’t remember, but you and I go back a long way.  I know when you’re bullshitting me.”

A small smile worked one corner of her mouth, but then quickly disappeared.   “Lee Adama happened.”

“What do you mean?”

Kara raked her hands through her hair.  “He was there in sick bay.  I saw him one night with Thea.  He was playing with her and….I don’t know…He’s just so..”  She said the last part through clenched teeth.

“So..what?”  Karl urged.

“So…there.”  She finshed.

“You  really should give him a chance.”  Karl said.

Kara scowled at him.  “I should give the man who murdered my husband a chance?”

Karl leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms across his chest.  “Kara, by now I think that maybe you’re beginning to realize that that dollhouse Leoben had you set up in wasn’t real.”

Kara gave a resigned nod.  “Maybe.”

“So if you were wrong about Leoben, maybe you’re wrong about Lee.”

“Doctor Cottle said Leoben drugged me and brainwashed me into thinking that that was my life, but what if that’s a lie.”  She sighed.  “I just don’t know what or who to believe anymore.”

“What is your gut telling you?”  Karl asked.  “You’ve always followed your instincts before and you’re usually right.”


Lee did anything to keep himself busy so he wouldn’t have time to think.  If he had time to think, he’d think about his wife and daughter who were right in front of him, yet out of his reach.  Cottle had said to give Kara time.  It had been two weeks, four days and approximately fourteen hours, and now Lee was starting to lose his patience.  He wanted his girls back

He’d run into them more than a few times.  Thea was always excited to see him and that always seemed to unnerve Kara, though she was getting better at hiding it.  He gave himself hope that it was a sign that the Cylon’s drugs were wearing off, but there was never a hint of recognition or memory in her eyes.

So, to help forget, he would work himself to exhaustion every day.  Cottle wouldn’t clear him to fly a viper, but he never said Lee couldn’t run through training exercises with the marines or work extra maintenance shifts. 

Despite being almost dead on his feet, he still couldn’t sleep.  That’s why he was in his office in the middle of the night filing the stacks of reports and other paper work Kat had left behind during her turn as CAG – organization was admittedly not her forte.   She had offered to help him straighten up, but Lee turned her down, grateful for the extra work.  Yet, with the silence of the late hour, the mindlessness of the work at hand, and the lack of constant interruptions the daytime shift provided, he found that all he was doing was thinking.

And he thought he could use a drink.

He looked at his watch.  Joe’s would be closed, but the Officer’s Rec Room was always open.  Lee put the report he was about to file back down on its pile and left his office.


Thea was being fussy again.  Another tooth had started to come in.  There was no fever this time, but she refused to sleep.  Kara remembered hearing somewhere that a car ride was good for fussy babies.  She certainly didn’t have a car, but she did have this huge battlestar.  Perhaps a walk around its decks would put Thea to sleep. 

Thea was too exhausted to cry, but she would whimper or whine occasionally.  The few people Kara passed looked at her sympathetically.   Kara merely smiled back at them, a little short on sleep, and more than a little exhausted herself.

As she passed the open doors of the Officer’s Rec Room, a familiar figure caught her eye.  He was sitting at a table with his back to the door, and he was nursing a drink.  A nearly full bottle sat nearby on the table near at hand.

Karl had told her to follow her gut instinct and that was telling her she needed to know more about Lee Adama.

He looked as if he was deep in thought, so she cleared her throat quietly to get his attention.  Still, he started when he heard her.  “Mind if we join you?”  She asked.

“Sure.”  He said, taking a second to recover and then gestured to the chair across from him.  “Is she ok?”  He asked, nodding towards Thea.

Kara nodded.  “Another tooth is coming in.  Not as dramatic as the last time, but it keeps her up at night.  I thought a walk around the ship might help.”

“The poor thing.”

Thea turned at the sound of her father’s voice and whined pathetically for him, tiny tears running down her face.  Lee instinctively reached for her, but then stopped himself.  “May I?”

Kara nodded and handed her gently over.

Lee dipped his finger into his glass, getting a little bit of the alcohol on his finger and rubbed it on his daughter’s gums.  He dipped it again and this time let her suck on it.  She settled down almost immediately.

“Do you do that with all your dates?”  Kara asked.

Lee laughed softly.  “When I was younger, maybe.”   He teased back.

“But now?”  Kara asked, and then noticed the ring on his left hand.  “Now you’re married.”  She added.

Lee nodded.  “Now I’m married.”

“Is she on this ship?”  Kara asked.

Lee raised his eyes from Thea to look at her.  “Yeah.  She’s on this ship.”

Kara blushed from the intensity of his gaze.  “It’s none of my business.”  She said quietly.

“You can ask me anything you’d like, Kara.”

“Ok.  If you mean that, I have a few questions I’d like to ask you right now.”

Lee nodded.

“Why did you shoot Leoben.”

“He’s a Cylon.  Cylon’s are our enemy.”

“Keep going.”

“He was holding you and Thea captive in that apartment.”

Kara nodded.  “Why was that important to you?”

 “Because you’re my fam..”  Lee stopped himself.  “You’re my best pilot. And we never leave a man behind.”

Kara was taken aback.  “I’m a pilot?” 

Lee nodded.

Kara narrowed her eyes at him.  “But there’s more to it than that, isn’t there?  It’s not just because I’m your best pilot.”

Lee cleared his throat nervously.  “I didn’t realize this was going to be an interrogation.”  He said with a smile.  “And I’m not exactly up for one.  I’m tired, Thea’s out cold, and you look like you haven’t slept in days.  Why don’t we continue this conversation over dinner tomorrow night?”

“Dinner?”  Kara scrunched her nose.  “You mean, like a date?”

Lee shrugged.  “I was thinking more like an interrogation with food service, but if you want to call it a date, I won’t stop you.”

“What about your wife?” 

“She won’t mind if it’s not a date.”

“Ok.  It’s not a date then.”  She smiled coyly as she stood up and gathered Thea back into her arms.

“I’ll come for you around nineteen hundred hours.”

Kara nodded and motioned at Thea.  “Thanks for this.”

“Sure.  Good night, Kara.”

“Good night, Lee.”




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Dec. 14th, 2008 08:18 pm (UTC)
I like. And I know it's good that Lee's taking things slowly with Kara, but I just want him to tell her that she's his wife! Argh, but at least she's coming back to herself.
Dec. 14th, 2008 08:23 pm (UTC)
Lol! As Lee is well aware, Kara is very easy to push away...but she is coming back to herself, so maybe he won't meet with as much resistance as he thinks. ;)

I'm glad you liked this chapter. Thanks for reading!
Dec. 14th, 2008 10:06 pm (UTC)
Yay I'm so glad you've updated this piece. :)
Dec. 14th, 2008 10:31 pm (UTC)
Thanks! Me too!
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Dec. 15th, 2008 01:25 pm (UTC)
Aww. Thanks for breaking your will power to read this.

Thoughtful Lee is a tough one to find on the show, but he is pretty protective of his family, and I think he's learned the hard way that you can't push Kara in a direction she doesn't want to go in.

There's another "Dee" on the show?? *lol*

Thanks for your lovely review.
Dec. 17th, 2008 02:44 am (UTC)
*raspberry* that's for being able to write!! and now moving on:

good chapter!! the slow progress is really good (i'm impressed with your self restraint heh). so i assume the dinner will bring more progress, but not too much. her knowing,but not really knowing (if that makes sense) makes the story that much better. great job!!


couple small errors. i think you meant hopsital robe.

and Lee "startling" i think is better worded as "started".

startling is the act or emotion to "give a start" is the reaction. like a start would be a short jerk while he was sitting in the chair and heard her clear her throat.

but still, good chapter.
Dec. 17th, 2008 12:19 pm (UTC)
raspberry* that's for being able to write!! ~~ Yeah right. How long did it take me to get this chapter up....and I believe the story has been a WIP for 2 years now. The series will be over before this story is. :)

good chapter!! the slow progress is really good (i'm impressed with your self restraint heh). so i assume the dinner will bring more progress, but not too much. her knowing,but not really knowing (if that makes sense) makes the story that much better. great job!!
~~ Wow! That was almost fanboyish. :P And to be serious: thank you. You're right. The dinner will bring more progress, but then...who knows?

Thanks for beta. Corrections noted and made, sir! *salutes*
Dec. 18th, 2008 12:50 am (UTC)
that's a good little soldier. =P

almost fanboyish? i do not fanboy, don't know what you mean! =)

hmm dinner brings more progress...and then something knocks it back a couple steps?

keep up the good work sis!!
Dec. 18th, 2008 01:49 am (UTC)
Not just fanboying, but L/K fanboy. I don't know Rod. I think you just talk like you hate the ship. :D

I'm not going to give you any hints...primarily because I'm not sure what's going to happen next.

Thanks again for the support!
Dec. 17th, 2008 06:41 am (UTC)
Thank for updating! Its so sweet Lee with Thea, how can Kara refuse to see the truth. I can't wait to see how you'll get them back whole.
Dec. 17th, 2008 12:24 pm (UTC)
Kara's pretty subborn as we all know, but I think Jimminy Helo helped her through some of the fog.

I'm terrible at updating, so it means a lot to me to see people coming back to it. Thank you for that and for your lovely review.
Dec. 24th, 2008 04:10 am (UTC)
Ah, some progress for pilots....

Dec. 24th, 2008 05:58 pm (UTC)
The pilots do occasionally make progress... that's what keeps the fangirls going back to the show. Well, that and Jamie Bamber's fantabulous bod. :)
Jan. 8th, 2009 09:16 am (UTC)
Yay - a new chapter. :) I liked this chapter. Positive progress with those two is always a good thing. Now only if could actually happen...

Thanks for posting!
Jan. 8th, 2009 12:18 pm (UTC)
Positive progress on the show? I think we got the best we're gonna get already. :( At least in fanfiction we can put them together and make them have babies.

I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter. Thanks,as always for reading and for your lovely feedback.
Feb. 15th, 2009 02:54 pm (UTC)
I love this fic!!! it´s so ... I don´t know...it´s just perfect! but please post the next chapter.... please!!!! I can´t wait any longer. I´m your biggest fan, so stop torturing me *gg*
Feb. 15th, 2009 03:10 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much! I really appreciate your wonderful compliment. I'm working on the next chapter but the connection between my brain and the computer seems to be down. I'll get there though. I promise!
Dec. 8th, 2013 07:22 pm (UTC)
This story is spectacular. I hope one day the muse reignites for you with this story.

Lovely work.
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